About Us:
At Knafo Law Offices, we take great pride in being a source of legal advice, counseling, and service to thousands of clients in Pennsylvania. Because many of our cases are referred by other attorneys, our tradition of providing personal service and accommodating special needs extends not only to our clients, but to our referral counsel as well.

During the past five years, we have found the need to invest our time and resources in the latest technological advances available to the legal profession. Our state-of-the-art computers are networked with our custom-designed software and our offices are connected via high-powered communication modems. We are accessible via the Internet to answer legal questions on an international basis. As we enter the 21st Century, our firm is poised and properly positioned to meet the growing needs of our clients and to firmly counter the complicated and aggressive defenses our
clients are bound to encounter in the years to come.

Our promise to our clients, colleagues and community is quite simple...
We are here when you need us.